Upload .ipynb files and render them in Confluence pages

The easiest option to view Jupyter Notebooks in Confluence is by using this method.

It's also very secure and fast because notebooks are saved as attachments in parent pages.

Here is step by step guide to use this method.

New version of Chrome has a bug which causes page crash with error 'Aw, Snap' when trying to upload Notebook. As a workaround, you can upload Notebook files as page attachments and use Jupyter macro editor to select the uploaded attachments.

Create a page and publish it

First you need to create a page and publish it as it is not possible to upload attachments in draft pages.

Please also choose title that is long and descriptive enough as it can be important while searching notebooks.

Select 'Jupyter/IPython Notebooks from files' in Macro browser

Now open Macro editing interface by clicking edit icon. You should see following dialog.

Here you can upload your .ipynb files. They will be uploaded as page attachments.


Here is rendering part which uses sample.ipynb file available as attachment in this page.