Jupyter Notebook Viewer

Using this add-on, you can easily embed Jupyter Notebook in Confluence pages.


If you haven't installed, please install from Atlassian Marketplace here: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1220365/

User Guides

You can use Jupyter Notebook Viewer to render notebooks that are in your local computer or pushed to VCS like Git/Github/Bitbucket which are accessible via an URL.

NotebookUser guide
Local computer (recommended)Upload .ipynb files and render them in Confluence pages
From Bitbucket private repositoryEmbed Jupyter Notebook from private Bitbucket repository
From Github private repositoryEmbed Jupyter Notebook from private Github repository
Accessible publicly from an URLView Notebooks available publicly


For support, please use our Jira Service Desk or contact via email: support@bitwelt.atlassian.net