Microsoft OneNote Importer for Confluence

Microsoft OneNote Importer for Confluence allows users to quickly import notes from OneNote.

Write docs where you feel comfortable, let this add-on do the rest.


If you haven't installed, please install from Atlassian Marketplace here:

User Guide

Once installed, you can use this add-on from page action icon (...) on the right.

Click on Import Notes from Microsoft OneNote to open add-on window.

OneNote Authorization

You need to authorize this add-on to access OneNote. In order to authorize, you will be redirected to Microsoft OneNote account. Please login to Microsoft account and allow access.

Once authorized, you will be redirected back to original Confluence page. Click again on Import Notes from Microsoft OneNote from page action dialog. It should display list of notes available in OneNote.

Just select a note you want to import and click submit. The selected note will be imported to Confluence as a new page.

Some users are not seeing pages to import after auth process is complete. This happens if you have shared notebooks. We are unable to fix this because OneNote API unfortunately doesn’t return shared pages, see this thread.

As an alternative option, you can ask the notebook owners/creators to import them or copy the notebooks and create new ones as your personal notebooks and then import them.